RWM’s Industrial 65 Series Casters

RWM Caster’s 65 Series industrial casters feature our original and time-tested, patented Kingpinless caster design. It is the best solution for demanding applications such as automotive towlines, assembly lines and various heavy duty industrial applications. Our 65 Series are proudly made in the USA. Check out our video below!

Cell Welder

Another Robotic Welder Joins Production at RWM

RWM is dedicated to increasing the production efficiency of our plant. The robotic pulse welding technology employed by RWM gives cleaner more precise and consistent welds. Pulse welding provides additional strength to the product by melding into the metal ensuring increased penetration instead of merely welding on top of the metal. The quality and consistency from…

Powder Coating

RWM Leads the Industry with Powder Coat Standard

A couple years ago, we asked ourselves: How we could make our standard heavy duty Kingpinless products more durable in the workplace? Our answer: Powder Coat. RWM was the first caster manufacturer in the industry to use powder coat as a staple on our standard Kingpinless caster lines. The finish on a rig is an…

Case Hardened

Why is Heat Treating So Important?

“The lifespan of a caster.” You may see and hear this phrase a lot when searching for casters. However, have you ever stopped to think about what it really means and why it is so important? If a caster fails or breaks, that means downtime for your company. The strength of the caster rig is…