Why is Zinc Plating so Popular?

Zinc Plating is a popular choice in the caster industry due to corrosion prevention being a major concern in many applications. There are various finishes available to halt or postpone the development of corrosion over the life of a caster, with one of the best options being zinc plating. To learn more, check out our…

Pneumatic Options

Enjoy a Smooth Ride with RWM’s Pneumatic Wheels

RWM’s Pneumatic Wheels provide a smooth, impact-absorbing operation even across rough surfaces for important instruments and components. Even better, we’ve just upped our game by making a series of improvements to our wheel product line to offer more robust tire solutions at more competitive prices than ever before! These wheels provide a cushioned ride that…

4 Torus

From Ergonomics to Noise Reduction, the RWM Torus Wheel does it all!

The Torus Wheel offers a rounded tread that provides easy turning under heavy loads. The Torus Wheel features our premium PTMEG urethane tread and sealed precision bearings for maintenance free applications and optimal ergonomics. This means no de-bonding, no flat spotting, excellent floor protection, noise reduction, and enhanced rollability. All the features combine to ensure…

Kingpinless Features Update

The Kingpinless Caster’s Superior Design and Materials

RWM Casters is the inventor of the Kingpinless caster perfecting an original design that has never been improved upon by others. One design strength can be seen through our precision machined raceway that reduces raceway wear, improves swivel action, reduces maintenance, and provides longer service life for the caster. Combining this with our case hardening…


Can Your Wheels Take the Heat?

Do you constantly have to replace wheels because they can’t stand the heat of your oven or survive daily wash-downs? If you are in the food industry these issues probably occur more often than you would like. Lucky for you, RWM offers High Temperature Nylon Wheels manufactured with a premium blend of materials to resist…

Case Hardened

The Importance of Heat Treating Casters

When it comes to a caster’s lifespan it is important to think about how failure can result in lost profits, potential injuries, and downtime in facilities. RWM has created a white paper that discusses the differences between heat treated casters and those that have skipped this step to cut cost to show how this has…

Industry Post Pic

RWM has Industry Specific Solutions for You!

Regardless of your industry it is always important to know what products work best for your application. With RWM’s caster and wheel experts we can guide you directly to the product needed for the job. From ergonomic focused automotive casters, customized aerospace solutions, robust tow ready tire manufacturing wheels, all the way to food processing…

PM2019 Group Picture

Thank you for visiting RWM at ProMat 2019!

We at RWM want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the ProMat show in Chicago! We hope you found your visit to ProMat both enjoyable and productive. We appreciate everyone who took the time to meet with us and look forward to working with you in the future!